The other day I had an appointment at a doctor’s office.  As usual, many people were waiting.  Some were on their cell phones, others were reading, doing Soduko, and other things.  I generally have something to read with me while I’m waiting, but I also try to take a look at the magazines on the table (if they’re current – smile!).  This keeps me abreast of what’s going on in the world of magazines (without having to purchase every subscription that exists).  But it also allows me to read some magazines that I may otherwise never read.

Spiritual breakNonetheless, after reading a series of random articles (without me trying to help you connect all of the dots that connected my thoughts together), I arrived at the question of whether or not while searching for a doctor of any sort – “If I’d ever asked what their faith was.”

Now that’s interesting because we’ve been trained to check out their credentials, their practice history length, check references, look at their certifications and board memberships…but I’m honestly wondering if I’d ever really asked what their faith beliefs were.

Does it matter?

What happens if you get a doctor who is an atheist and has to make a recommendation about my care that will affect the quality of life for me?

What happens if I get a doctor who believes in reincarnation and they’ve got to make a recommendation about a prescription that could offer me a new lease on life?

What happens if a doctor, who doesn’t believe in prayer or its effects, wants me to make a decision that I share with them that I’ve got to pray about it first?

Does it change depending on the type of doctor it is? Would you answer this question differently for your surgeon than you would your dentist or podiatrist?  What about your optometrist?

There are so many questions that are opened up here. Like, does the medical code of ethics even deal with the faith of the physician?  Hmmmm….

Needless to say, I’m going now to do some research on the faith beliefs/history of my physicians.  I’m not saying that I’m about to switch every physician (general practice, family, pediatrician, dental, eye, etc.) that I have – but I at least am going to find out.

What are your thoughts?

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