I’m Soooo excited! I’m NOT going to hide it.

I’d love for you to be apart of this new community of folks!

This podcast is for you if you have ever been on the hunt to integrate your faith with your life beyond Sundays. You’ll be given relevant, balanced, integrated, and wise content centered on Life, Leadership, Family/Marriage, and Ministry, that will leave you inspired!

The first episodes and the guest are absolutely amazing! Of course, podcasting is an entirely new venture and space for me, but it has been an incredible thrill to be stretched and to learn in an entirely new way. Already, I’ve met some incredible people and had some awesome conversations. I’m looking forward to what’s next! I’m so ready to launch and roll out the first episodes, but there is a back end process that has to be completed. So, in the meantime, will you help me spread the word and share on your social media platforms? I’d be honored for you to do so!
Please go to the website and signup to stay informed! It’s www.TheWiseIdea.net

Talk with you soon!

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