Thank you for your interest in hosting us and assisting us in taking the necessary steps to ensure that not only are we on the same page, but that we are able to operate in a spirit of excellence and efficiency. One of our biggest prayers is to be able to serve you in a way that God gets the glory and your expectations get exceeded!

We are here to serve and all information has flexibility attached to it.

If you have not already completed the Event Planning Questions, please complete that HERE.

Media Kit (click the links to access the files)

PLEASE NOTE: The above biography of Christopher J Harris is released for your ministry for information purposes only. However, Christopher has a preference to be introduced publicly without this biography being read verbatim. Please use the biography as a guide point to have a personalized introduction. Thank You!


Travel Arrangements The host ministry is responsible for Christopher Harris’ arrival and departure expenses, unless specific arrangements have been finalized. Because of his ministry and personal schedule, we will coordinate with you regarding the air travel accommodations. He is comfortable with either a first-class or coach ticket for himself, and at times, one coach ticket for an additional travel assistant, which is most affordable for your ministry. Ground Transportation The host ministry is responsible for ground transportation for Christopher Harris between the airport, hotel, and venue. Please contact us prior with the driver’s name (or company information and confirmation number), cellular telephone number, and pick-up times. If a ride-sharing service (Uber, Lyft, etc.) will be utilized, please discuss these logistics in advance. When Traveling By Car Depending upon the closeness of the event, local car travel may be feasible. The host ministry should consider additional expenses with this approach (tolls, gas, mileage, etc.). If the directions are unique, please provide clear directions to the hotel and the venue prior to the scheduled service times and dates.
When securing hotel accommodations, please reserve one non-smoking room (either King or Double), and one additional room for the travel assistant (if necessary). We do request that you assume the cost of the hotel. The preference is a standard 3-star or higher full-service hotel with at least a fitness service and late night food service available on site. This will allow flexibility with obtaining meal services beyond the event.
The preference is baked foods and limited vegetables. To be as fully engaged as possible, avoiding fried foods, heavy breads and pastas is requested. Bottled water is fine. If you are able to retrieve additional items, your speaker enjoys aloevita water (or similar), or vitamin water (zero).
Although we do not have a standard honorarium, we do believe that a ministry of your caliber will be a fair ministry and respect the ministry service that God has enabled. The honorarium should be given directly to Christopher Harris after ministering or serving and the check should be made payable to Christopher J Harris. If necessary, a W-9 can be completed onsite.
Many times, we will bring ministry products along during the visit. There may be times when an assistant or host from your organization may be requested to assist with product sales. We will communicate this to you at the appropriate time. At least one six-foot table with a covered table cloth is requested.
It is our desire to assist you in whatever way we can with your advertising and marketing schedule. We have, at your request, videos photos, and print information available. The correct reference for your speaker is: Christopher J. Harris; Pastor Christopher J. Harris; or Overseer Christopher J. Harris. We request that all media material and literature reference one of these three listings. We do request that you not list the speaker as, “Chris”, “C..J” or simply, “C.J.H.” With such a common name, you can imagine some of the marketing confusion that has been created with the wrong names and pictures listed.


Room Set-Ups

For events that are more of a conference and/or workshop presentation and training, Christopher prefers to have both a two-foot draped table and a small podium for his presentation materials.

For workshop presentations and seminars, he prefers a non-conventional set-up. In most cases, he’ll have notes and handouts, so a setting that allows for tables is optimal. See images below for standard set-ups. For Leadership Workshops and Seminars, Harris prefers either Classroom or U-Shaped set-ups.

For presentations, Harris prefers to have a wireless lavaliere or headset microphone. Depending upon room capacity and if there will be Q&A scheduled, we may ask that there be an standing, corded microphone available for event participants.

Please provide a projector and screen for PowerPoint that has sound capabilities (Harris’ presentations generally include sound and video). Additionally, please provide a surge protector and a projector that is compatible for Apple IPad connections. Harris will most likely utilize either Microsoft PowerPoint© 2010 (Professional Plus Package) or Apple’s Keynote (with the latest version updates).

In a high capacity / large scale room, a confidence monitor for referencing projector screen is requested either stage center or to the left of the podium.


Please provide us with the anticipated number of participants as soon as possible. In preparing the handouts, please also provide any specific logos / organizational images (preferably a PNG and JPG image), organizational titles, event headings, as well as, any specific social media verbiage.

Depending upon travel logistics and anticipated participation, Harris may request the organization to cover the printing needs.

In a high capacity / large scale room, a confidence monitor for referencing projector screen is requested either stage center or to the left of the podium.