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The Need Is Clear!


Urban Organizations and those that serve those in urban communities have limited relevant options for consulting, content, community, and strategic development. Simultaneously, mono-ethnic organizations need fresh perspectives in moving their organizations toward healthy change and sustained health.

At the same time, churches and ministry focused organizations, educational institutions, and not-for-profits want highly developed candidates to select from, confidential approaches to hiring them, healthy onboarding, and HR support.

Enter INSPIRED IDEAS GROUP, LLC and its subsidiaries.
IIG, LLC looks to meet the needs of both!

We desire to inspire – people and places to operate wisely and strategically, which would lead to sustained health and wholistic transformation.

Consulting is a Relationship, Not an Event!

This collaboration is critical to understanding the approach of the consultant and it establishes the consulting relationship, as well as the expected and anticipated outcomes. Quick fixes are generally unavailable without some side-effects. This also helps align expectations for a reasonable idea of the costs, time, and energy that may be necessary for sustained health and change.

It has been suggested that a wise, healthy consulting process involves 5 phases:





Assessment & Review

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Life is an adventure. And every individual needs help navigating this adventure. Discovering your purpose, growing in your relationships, developing as a leader, and working through decisions and understanding the best and most wise approach for living should not be done on an island. A Coach and Advisor can help make every step that much more solid.

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