What people are saying!

“Overseer Harris really has his hands on the actual heartbeat of God pertaining to youth ministry and youth development.  He is pioneering a new paradigm for youth ministry and leading youth from the natural to the spiritual things of God.”
William of Petersburg, VA

“Overseer Harris has left me with a deep sense of contemplating where do I go from here.  Awesome presenter!”
Deneil of Albuquerque, NM

“Thank you for giving me this opportunity to experience such a powerful anointing.  Continue to allow God to use you!”
SJW of Hartford, CT

“Overseer Harris is a global thinker that is ready to challenge the world in its traditional pattern of thinking.  I would encourage you to take your presentations to the rest of the world.  Thank you for lighting my fire!”
James of Freeport, Bahamas

“Overseer Harris is an awesome man of God. His  training was up to date and very much needed for our youth ministries.  The training allowed me to take a new approach to what we will incorporate into our programming, and hopefully add onto as well.  Thank you Overseer Harris for all that you do.”
T.D. of Toledo, OH

“I’m absolutely speechless!”
B.H. of Chicago, IL

“The training was excellent.  I learned that you must have a God-given passion for the youth to be able to work in youth development.”
Angela of Erie, PA

“The training was very informative and helpful.  The presentation was very effective and enlightening as well.  It brought things to the forefront that I may have overlooked in the past concerning youth ministry.”
Brandon of Shreveport, LA

“Thank you for taking the time to come and share with us your heart.  I was not sure what to expect.  But I’m leaving with more than I imagined!”
Derrell of Birmingham, AL

“I was at the Conference. I was really enlightened by Overseer’s approach to working with young people: it was  as though he camouflaged God’s truth with things that are more familiar to their generation. Before then, I was approaching this area of ministry from a very traditional point of view. “
C.R. of Huntsville, AL

“When Overseer Harris spoke, it confirmed my vision for our youth ministry.  We are definitely on the right path.”
S.T. of Hattiesburg, MS

“The training session was very enjoyable and inspiring.”
B.W. of Shreveport, LA

“The training was very innovative, especially when Overseer Harris spoke of his own youth group with regards to keeping spiritual/educational files for them.  It is good to know not only the outward level of our youth, but their inward growth.  He spoke of setting goals for each youth that they could accomplish by the time they graduated.  It’s good to be able to gauge spiritual growth in our youth.  Overseer Harris is a very passionate, innovative, and animated facilitator.”
M.C. of Antioch, TN

“I wish I met you a few years ago as I was getting started.  Although I’m just now getting, your information is not too late.  It’s just in time for me to change and for me to make a great change in our young people.  Thank you for everything!”
T.P. of Oklahoma City, OK

“This was an awesome class.  I received great insight on how to reach the children on a different level and how to organize my ministry.  The class was a real blessing.”
J.C. of Houston, TX

“The conference was enlightening.  I enjoyed Overseer Harris’s high energy level.  The information given was very pertinent and relevant.  I appreciated the information presented and the fact that Overseer Harris held to his word with delivering the information to everyone that was reviewed in the conference.”
A.R. of Houston, TX

“I wish we could put you in our luggage and take you back to our church and just have as a ready resource when we need it.  Your passion, energy, and love is without a doubt overflowing.  We will keep in touch with your ministry and call you again. I’m glad I came to this training.  Thank you is not enough to describe what we’re leaving with.”
P.J. of Long Beach/Compton, CA

“It was refreshing to have a ministry training that we refreshing, engaging, and NOT BORING!  I was not looking forward to coming, but you have challenged all of my expectations in so many ways.  It was also encouraging to see a real man of integrity that is seeking God and allowing God to use him without having an ego. Keep up the great ministry work!”

K.T. of Fresno, CA