I watch reality shows!

Several imagesI feel like that’s more of a confessional than a statement.  I don’t watch a lot of them and because of my schedule, I’m not really able to watch them consistently, but there’s a few that have piqued my interest.  Sometimes its the funny (corny) humor.  Sometimes its the foolish drama.  Sometimes its the cliffhanger.  Sometimes its the mindless nature of watching somebody else’s life unfold. Sometimes there are leadership and wisdom lessons it (preachers always look for illustrations!).

One thing is true for me with regards to reality shows – I don’t have to think hard while watching them!  I don’t have to figure out the strategy with it.  I don’t have to worry about costs, the ethical implications, or even the long-term outcomes.

But, as I was watching one of the current reality shows, I couldn’t help but wonder, why do we have so many reality television shows?  After a quick search, there appears to be upwards of 1400 reality shows currently on television in the US. Whew! That’s ALOT of reality!

Why? Why do we have so MANY?

There seems to be a larger life point here…that I’m not very sure about…

Do the kinds of shows speak to the real lives of people in our culture?  Is there an deeper need that these shows are filling?  Is this healthy? Doesn’t even matter? Is it even this serious?

I know that they are cheaper to produce that sitcoms and other more produced shows, which means more money for the production companies.  I also understand that many in our culture today, love to see the ‘drama’ in the lives of our superstars.

But I’m really intrigued…why do we have so many?  What are your thoughts?



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