One of my favorite verses is Luke 2:52, “…and Jesus increased in wisdom and in stature and in favor with both God and man…”

One of the unspoken givens in this text is the reality that Jesus’ parents had a hand in that.

Can you imagine if you were raising Jesus?  This is the son of God…

Christmas Nativity

Does Jesus have a curfew? What’s his favorite meal? What sort of games does he play? What does family night look like? What could you as a parent possibly do to give Jesus wisdom? What about Joseph and Mary’s “private” time? Wouldn’t Jesus already know about that “private” time? What do you get as a gift for Jesus’ birthday? Or his Christmas presents?

These may be funny questions, but in reality, you are raising someone just as influential, talented, gifted, and purposed by God to do great things while on earth.  Are you considering how you’re raising them in view of God’s purpose for their lives?

Happy Parenting!

P.S. – What questions would you add…?


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