Can I give you a few pieces of Advice and #Wisdom for next year?
1. Create a Prayer Agenda and Prayer Strategy for next year. The Prayer agenda is what you will pray about and the Prayer Strategy is who you will have praying with you and the where and when you’ll be praying. Fasting should also be apart of this.
2. Download (if you haven’t already) the Youversion Bible Reading App. Commit to subscribe to a number of Reading Plans for 2018 (you can actually start now!). Make the commitment to NEVER have a period of the year where you’re not on a reading plan. (Download it here)
3. Who’s on your personal Board of Directors? You need a group of individuals to hold you accountable and to give you something to reach for. There are a number of articles out there that refer to a B.O.D. for your career, but I’d recommend that you need some “Advisor” for every area of your life. Learn more here or here. (You can actually google – Personal Board of Directors – and will find thousands of great articles!)
4. Create a Reading List! Go to Amazon (if you don’t already have an account) and create a Reading Wish List. You can make this list public or private. I actually have several reading list by subject/category. (Here’s how!)
5. Make a list of the subjects you want to learn about next year and make a commitment to find 2 or 3 subjects you can dig deeper on than the shallow, high level reading.
6. Pull out your 2018 calendar and put your vacation times on there now. Decide when you’ll rest so that you can know when you’ll be working. Too many people taking vacations who haven’t worked. Work and rest.
7. Who do you need to meet with next year? Make a list of the people (and industry leaders) that you want to connect with next year. Pray over the list, invite God’s blessings on it, and then ask for wisdom for how to properly and wisely engage with these individuals. (SN: Don’t be a stalker!)
8. What list of things do you need to simply table? It’s great to have a bucket list and a dreams list, but some things have SEASONS attached to them. A bigger question to ask yourself regarding your “lists” is – Is this the season? Read this.
Stay tuned for more #Wisdom!

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