Recently I heard these words regarding the state of our world today from Pastor Rick Warren.  It really resonated on multiple levels.  So I wanted to share it here.

Nothing but truth“In today’s society,
materialism is idolized,
immorality is glamorized,
truth is minimized,
sin is normalized,
divorce is rationalized,
and abortion is legalized.
In TV and movies,
crime is legitimized,
drug use is minimized,
comedy is vulgarized,
sex is trivialized,
the Bible is fictionalized,
churches are satirized,
God is marginalized,
and Christians are demonized.
The elderly are dehumanized,
the sick are euthanized,
the poor are victimized,
the mentally ill are ostracized,
immigrants are stigmatized,
and children are tranquilized.
In families around the world,
our manners are uncivilized,
speech is vulgarized,
faith is secularized,
and everything is commercialized.
“Unfortunately, Christians, you and I
are often disorganized and demoralized,
our faith is compartmentalized,
and our witness is compromised.
So what do we need?
We need to revitalize our worship,
minimize our differences,
mobilize our members,
and evangelize the lost,
and we need to re-energize our families.” – Rick Warren

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