Happy New Year!

I had a moment on Friday (New Year’s Day). It was one of those “I’m not ready” moments. I looked up and it was 2016. It didn’t just pop up on us, but you know what I mean…right? It’s that feeling where you know that something is coming and you (sort of) prepare for it and brace for it and whatever else you need to do to get ready for it. Sometimes when a new year comes, it feels like it’s rolling faster than you’re ready for it to come. Or maybe that’s just me… Am I alone in that?

Nonetheless, it’s here now. The New Year is here. Whether you’re ready for it or not, it is here. For some people, the ink isn’t dry yet for their new goals and for other people they haven’t even had time to consider what the New Year goals need to be. Whatever camp you fall into (or somewhere in between), there IS something that I’d like for you to quickly consider…maybe it’s not a bad thing for a previous year’s goal to roll into the new year.

Bringing an old goal into a new year isn’t a sin.

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It may seem a little strange because it may seem like the unspoken rule is that you’re supposed to finish all of your goals in twelve months and be absolutely ready for the new ones once January 1 begins. And while there is some truth that goals should have some relative timetables to them, some goals will require more than twelve months to complete. Some goals NEED more than twelve months. Some goals DESERVE more than twelve months.

Now…here’s the other side of the coin, some goals need to be finished and completed. Some of y(our) goals have been dragging on for far too long and we need to simply finish what we started.

BUT, as you embrace this new year and begin to wrap your mind around what kind of growth and process you want to make, free yourself from the pressure of only trying to embrace NEW goals and be open that some of your OLD ones need to be re-upped (I made that word up…) Free yourself to embrace the old goal that needs more time to evolve, develop, and blossom into something fruitful. Free yourself to trust your gut that the old goal is something worth pursuing and investing and toiling over…and that sometimes the bigger projects requires a little more time than a mere 365 days… Keep pushing!

As you move into this year, don’t just embrace more knowledge…but strive to get more wisdom in the process. AND I believe wisdom says, big goals require big work. That big work may need more time. Give yourself that time…

We’re praying for you and believe that God is ordering your steps. Again, Happy New Year!


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