Happy New Year! It is already 2015 and we’re only a few days away from saying Happy New Year 2016 – or at least it already feels that way.

The New Year is a great time! In the U.S., it gives some a few more days to breathe without having to run into the office. It’s a sport fans dream as NCAA College Football is in overdrive with bowl games, NFL teams are vying to play for last few playoff spots, NBA teams are now trying to prepare for the home stretch, NCAA basketball is kicking it up for March Madness, the talk is picking back up for hockey, NASCAR, and so on. Shoppers are excited about the New Year retail discounts and foodies are excited about the launch of the new menu items.

Lest we forget there are thousands (maybe millions!) of new themes, declarations, and resolutions. Oh, the gym memberships have increased, the request for list of books to read, music to purchase, places to visit – It’s Endless! Dare I say – it’s OVERLOAD!

Information OverloadOn the last week of the year, I was literally overwhelmed as I read the social media postings, the text messages and emails that I received of people sharing new phrases, new ideas, and thoughts about what the year would bring and be about. The fancy videos done to capture peoples take on what 2015 would reveal. It was – to me – Overload! I am not the anti-resolutions police. I support it! Whatever it takes for people to be inspired in their lives, change for the better, and pursue the best – do it! Vision boards, cue cards, spreadsheets, accountability partners, meet-ups, and technical reminders – do all of that! Whatever it takes! BUT – I also believe that we pile it on, jump on the bandwagons, and leave the ideas of intentional reflection and strategic consideration aside. I honestly think – we have too many options! Sometimes simple is better. Sometimes eliminating the options is the best option. Sometimes having too many options and too many decisions is paralyzing.

So, what did I do? What should you do? I pushed back. I literally pressed pause and starting asking myself the reverse.


Instead of adding things to my incomplete 2014 list, what should I evaluate from that list that needed eliminating? What do I need to hit the delete button on? What should I stop doing?

Then the questions starting flowing:
How much clutter have I accumulated?
What can I throw out in each room and in each closet?
How many contacts need to be deleted from my phone?
What apps on my phone should I delete?
What music should I get rid of?
How do I eliminate the time wasters?
What files on my computer need to be deleted or archived?
What goals shouldn’t I attempt for next year?
What conversations should I avoid for next year?
What issues should I resolve not to tackle for next year?

Essentially, here’s the summary of my questions –
1. Have I cleared out the clutter?

In a culture of consumers, we have a lot of stuff! There is now an entire industry that makes billions on storing our stuff. And I’m just talking about the tangible stuff. There are companies now helping us collect our electronic stuff. And then I started wondering, where do we store all of the mental stuff? Often times we don’t write it down – so it’s consuming our minds. Less room for any new or greater thoughts or ideas to come through. Where can you clear out the clutter? Here’s a plan to help get you started – click here.

2. Have I said No as many times as I’ve said Yes?

Every time we say Yes to one thing, we inevitably have to say No to something else. Really simple. Look at what you’ve said Yes to – with your time or your resources or your effort and then evaluate your priorities. What don’t I need to spend money on? Have you said No to something that you should be saying Yes to? Here’s a great video to get you started on the right thought process.

3. Have I created enough margin (room) in my life to grow?

Our calendars and timeslots of jammed packed. Our lives are crammed and our work moves at break-neck speeds. Have we created a system in our lives to slow down at points? Have we made a considerable effort to build in time to breath, reflect, soak in life around us, and build relationships, and so on? All of the stuff that really matters in life cannot always happen when you are on roller skates. Much of it is built as you walk. Are you walking or roller skating? Here’s a great book to get you started. Here’s a great video to watch.

On that note, enjoy 2015! It’s the year for Excellence, Rest, Rejuvenation, Restoration, it’s your year, it’s your hour, your decade. Doggone it – it’s your world! Take the world by storm! Hustle, grind, stay focused! Have fun with your faith! Take it up a notch! Take all of that and then decide – what matters most – what’s your destination – and then – go forward with strategic wisdom on your life’s assignment. Driving in your lane will cause fewer accidents. Happy New Year!

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