By now, I’m sure you’ve at least heard of the movie, War Room.  If you haven’t, it’s only the #1 new movie this past weekend and grossed $11 million this weekend alone.
I am a huge proponent of movies WITH A PURPOSE.  Notice I did not say Christian movies, because I believe that there are some movies that may not reference scripture directly, but have serious and practical life applications for those who decide to live by their faith.
This movie is powerful!
war-roomAs I sat in the theatre, I couldn’t help but consider that it addressed themes and realities that most married couples have to wrestle with.  It covered issues surrounding priorities, job responsibilities, money, parenting, faith, communication, character issues, trust, temptation, and a host of other realities that most couples have to wrestle with.
Beyond the issues of marriage, the movie addressed life. And it unapologetically incorporated scripture and faith.  I saw a clip of Priscilla Shirer say, “you can’t just walk away from this movie saying, ‘That was a good movie…’” She’s right.  There’s more life adjustments that would follow seeing this movie.  I believe that it’s a MUST SEE, SHOULD SEE, and BRING PEOPLE with you kind of movie.  It’s JUST that powerful.
There were a number of significantly powerful quotes and statements that I heard that I want to pass along to you:
  • Behind every war there’s a strategy
  • Victories don’t come by accident
  • Very few of us know how to fight the right way.
  • Is your prayer life hot or cold?
  • You never feel like you’ve won after you fight with your spouse
  • You need a prayer strategy for each area of your life
  • I don’t have time to pray! Apparently you do, because you have time to fight with your spouse
  • Parents – if you say you love your kids, you’ll be able to answer what matters most to them
  • Don’t fight the wrong enemy
  • It’s not your job to fix your husband (spouse)
  • In light of all of the wrongs that we’ve done does God still love us?
  • Do you deserve grace?
  • God is a good defense attorney
  • I’d rather have a man (woman) chasing Jesus than a house full of stuff.
  • Devil you can’t have my… (insert whatever you feel like needs to be inserted here…)
There are, of course, DOZENS of additional quotes and powerful ideas portrayed in the movie, but I wouldn’t want to be spoiler!  Plus, I wanted to give you enough to compel you to GO SEE THE MOVIE for yourself!

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