I’ve got to tell you, quite honestly, the General Election campaigning has been dizzy-ing!

There’s a new poll every 12 hours.  The campaign ads have been constant.  The emails from both camps have been overwhelming. And the commentary from all of the news stations has been comical. To say the least, the past two or three months since the very first debate have been almost suffocating.  I read yesterday that both campaigns have spent $2 billion for their campaigns. That’s A LOT of money!!!! Whew!  May I’ll write about that sometime in another post.

Do you know what happens sometimes when you get too much information? You get paralyzed! You feel so inundated with the choice that you’ve got to make, there’s the tendency to back way off and not make a choice at all.  That’s what may happen to a lot of people in this General Election. They may get paralyzed and not vote at all.  I hope that’s not the case.

I hope that EVERYONE who’s eligible to vote, will!

I must admit that I could easily get frustrated and choose not to vote, but there are two clear reasons why I voted.

I voted because…

  1. My grandparents fought for me to have this opportunity. I’ll never forget at the age of 18, driving my grandfather to go vote even while he wasn’t feeling well.  When I told him that it wasn’t that big of a deal, he shared with me why IT WAS a big deal and what some folks had endured for him to go and vote on that day. I’ll never forget that conversation.  I’ll pass it along to my children. AND I’ll honor those in our past who have fought for me to have the privilege to go vote. My grandfather said to me what was someone else’s pain is now someone else’s privilege. He went on to say, in his unique humble way, it’s a great honor to vote because it is one of our unique contributions to our country for all of the sacrifices, deaths, wars, victories in courts, and a host of other issues from history. He said, “It’s an honor!” I can hear those words now as he shared that soft-spoken passion that expressed a high level of humble dogmatism. (He rarely raise his voice, but you knew when he was serious about what he was talking about.)
  2. It’s expected of me as a Christian. After reading Romans 13 and other passages, I am clearly convinced and convicted that it is my duty as a representative of Jesus Christ and His work here in the earth, that I must participate in the process to engage the process.  Although there are NO Jesus platforms or Jesus parties or Jesus candidates, I believe my contribution to the process lends me the opportunity to let my voice be heard and affect whatever changes, transitions, and progress that will be a part of our future and our history.

So, you won’t find a perfect candidate, platform, or party. BUT, don’t let that paralyze you from exercising not just your right to vote, but your privilege to vote. It’s a high honor.

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