Its a LIE!
One of the lies that satan tries to throw at believers in Jesus Christ is that they don’t know enough scripture to…
Witness / Share the Gospel
Quote scripture
Live on
Live right
Understand God
Understand God’s plan
See what God may be up to
Explain what they believe and why
Have a decent conversation with a believer
Have a decent conversation with a non-believer
It’s a LIE
All of this to get the believer to feel paralyzed and not live OUT the word and live ON the Word.
he (the devil) even tries to convince the Believer that they are too much of a hypocrite to quote God’s Word. That there is no place for God’s Word in your life.
It’s a LIE!
If you know ONE verse, quote that one, live on that one, (PROPERLY) recite that one until you can learn more.
REFUSE to believe the LIE.
The devil is scared of any believer who listens to, applies, understands, and engages with God’s Word (both the Written and Spoken Word). That believer comes dangerous.
BUT – it’s worth it. Why? BECAUSE THE WORD WORKS!

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