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All this year I have been and will continue to interview incredible individuals that are making waves in their various fields of endeavor.  These individuals cross racial lines, political lines, geographic boundaries, denominational and faith lines.  But all of them are providing outstanding insight and wisdom on personal change, life transition and reinvention. We’re talking to business leaders, career coaches, fitness gurus, financial planners, parents, Pastors, and everyday people who have had to navigate – in real time- change and transition.

My book, Temporary Assignments, is the guide for these impactful discussions.

Below is my interview with a great friend, Pastor Travis Greene, the award winning musician and worship leader, and most recently, the church planter and Lead Pastor of Forward Church.

Pastor Travis is well known for his songs, Intentional, The Anthem, Made A Way.

Enjoy the video!  Below the video is a summary of some of the major points that Pastor Travis made!

Major Take Aways:

  • His process of planting his church, Forward City
  • What’s needed after you hear from God or receive a prophecy
  • Navigating new cities when God moves you
  • The power of humility when you’re in transition and navigating change
  • What God does during your “incubation” period
  • He shares transparently how he build his capacity for his assignment
  • There is power in knowing yourself (introvert vs extrovert) and how you’re wired and being emotionally healthy
  • His perspective on his travels
  • What really gives him joy
  • Navigating your life when your “gift” isn’t always received
  • He shares some of his greatest mistakes and the lessons learned from it
  • How he’s navigating his schedule and family responsibilities
  • We talked about what the supernatural looks like today in culture

Thank you Pastor Travis for your wisdom, insight, transparency and ministry!

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