Today is Easter!

The big-ness of this day can be likened to the big-ness of the Superbowl, Master’s (golf), National Championship Games…yet MUCH bigger! There is only ONE other day that has as much significance for the believer than Easter, which represents Jesus’ resurrection and victory over death.  That other day is Christmas, which represents His physical birth.

Today, as I’ve worshipped, enjoyed my Pastor’s preaching, enjoyed the music team’s songs, and fellowshipped with other believers, I couldn’t help but pause and really understand how BIG (it’s REALLY BIG!) the cross is and what it REALLY means.

Holy crossThere’s a hymn that says, “I’ll cherish the old rugged cross…”

Without breaking down the entire hymn right now, that one line was on repeat in my mind today.

That one line created a bag of emotions for me today.

I was shaken – The cross literally represents death AND life. Simply Put – Without his death, I am DEAD! With his life, I am ALIVE. All of the wrong that I’ve done, did, and may do – has a penalty and cost associated with it.  And I’ll be totally honest – I’m not good enough, rich enough, or smart enough…to pay for it. Without the cross, I am spiritually emotionally, mentally, and ultimately, physically dead with no hope.  Jesus’ death represents the opportunity for FULL LIFE for me. Jesus’ death paid for my sins! This shakes me!  It literally puts a lump in my throat…because He didn’t have to! He chose to…but didn’t have to!


I was humbled – I know some people overlook it, but I am literally humbled at how much God could love us that He would send His only son to die for me. I love my sons, but I am not really convinced that I’d over them for the sins of others. This epiphany is a “mouth-dropping” reality for me.  It may sound stupid, but he could have only made this love available to a select group of people or a certain group that did certain things, but God didn’t do that! He made it available to anyone who wants it and embraces it.

I was a little angered – The pull of today’s culture and society is that the cross is simply a piece of jewelry.  I know that many people offer much more respect for less significant things.  People honor and worship their cars, clothes, houses, sports paraphenalia, greek-letters, and money more than we really honor the cross.

I’m sure you wonder how I could make such a big reaching statement.  When we look at the kind of disrespect and disregard that happens in the presence of the cross, let’s me know how little we recognize — cherish – the cross’ impact. When we understand the BIG-NESS of the Cross, we probably wouldn’t disrespect God’s children with it on…or wouldn’t degrade ourselves with it on…or wouldn’t dishonor God’s purpose in our lives with it on. Candidly, we wouldn’t live our lives in our own pursuits with the cross on us as jewelry or tattoo or clothing…

I’ve been guilty of it too!  I was busy trying to find the perfect piece of jewelry and would overlook the perfect sacrifice that Jesus offered – by offering His life.

I’m not sure about you – but even beyond Easter today – I will CHERISH the cross.

I will honor Jesus’ death – but live in His resurrection!

I will show appreciation for His sacrifice – but will die to my own agenda!

I will pause to pray for those who may not understand the cross’ significance – while remaining mindful that my own lifestyle reflects its work.

Believe it, understand it, Reflect on it, Honor it…bottom line…let’s Cherish the cross.

Happy Easter!



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