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Today has been a great day of reading already.  I read another awesome post today.  It was titled, “How To Get Along With Your Enemy” (see link below)

love my enemiesInterestingly, I am always intrigued in watching people who have turned their lives over to Christ respond to various realities of their work environment.  Without a doubt, how we respond to situations in our workplace speaks volumes about our character, integrity, and most of all, MATURITY!

When I listen to people vent about their bosses (and yes, there are some nasty bosses out there), complain about their co-workers and colleagues, express frustration at policies and the direction of the organization – it really reveals how much of the Word Of God is active in their lives.

Many of the challenges that we experience on our jobs I believe are God’s way of not testing us, but revealing our true character to Him – and to us!  If indeed we are living to become transformed into His Image and reflect His glory, our character must match that.  Yes, it is a process!  Without a doubt, but in the meantime, we’ve got to be intentional about the fact that there are some areas of our lives that don’t reflect Him properly.

As you grow in your relationship with God, you may find out that people you’ve classified as an enemy is not really an enemy.  You may find out that people that you have deemed a ‘hater’ may in fact be someone that you don’t fully understand yet.  You may find out you really have a lot more to learn…about yourself AND them. Even Proverbs 16:7 provides amazing wisdom to us as it shares, “When a mans’ ways please the Lord, even his enemies will be at peace with him.”

Nonetheless, I hope this article will be encouraging to you.  There’s some HARD questions at the end of this blog as well.


VERY Hard Questions:

How do you respond to your enemies?

How do you respond to things at work?

Would people be surprised by your behavior at work to see you active in your church?

Does your 9-5 behavior closely align with the principles of Jesus’ teaching?

What areas of your private life has God revealed to you need work so that you can reflect His Image?

What areas of your life do you really need to mature in?

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