As a parent, I have been very driven to observe my children.  I’ve been observing their unique personalities, interests, what excites them (even when almost everything does!), where they seem to gravitate and the like.  I strongly encourage other parents to as well.

African american woman doctor with childAs parents, we should be clear – everyone, including our children – has a clear, unique purpose. Apart of our role is to help discover that purpose (not decide) and then help develop it.

It’s an amazing journey, that my wife and I are in the middle of. I’d love to hear if you already have some tools that you’ve used to help make this happen.

Recently, I read an amazing post by author Phil Cooke on helping your children develop their purpose.

I’d invite you to read it, check it out and ponder it. Check it out here.

Come back and let me know your thoughts!



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