Hello Everybody!

Happy New Year!  We are already rolling into 2017 on skates.

Happy New Year!

At the end of every year I take the time to pause and reflect on the previous year, what lessons I can take into the future and how I need to re-evaluate how well I’m navigating life.  A part of that also includes alot of purging.  I take the time to go through my email and phone contacts, business cards, computer files, smartphone apps, electronic files, paper files, work office documents and home office documents, emails, and now, social media lists.  One of the things that always gets me is emails!  What did we do before email?  Whew…  I take the time to delete emails, unsubscribe from list that for various reasons are no longer relevant to me and even folders that may need to be adjusted.  This is very refreshing and puts me in position to be as efficient as possible as I push into the new year.

I am VERY excited about 2017!

As the year begins, I’ve added a new title to my life.  I’m an AUTHOR!  My new book, Temporary Assignments, was a long time coming.  There is something humbling about pouring your heart into something, putting it on paper, and then opening it for the world to see and observe.  I’m eager to get feedback about the book.  I really hope it encourages and inspires others in major ways.  I’ll talk more about some of the background of the book and why I wrote it.

A few other things that I’m excited about for this year includes the launch of my new website!  You’re on it now!  It’d been about 5 years since my website had a facelift.  It was time for not only a facelift, but also an update in the technology and back office functionality.  I’m excited about blogging, interacting, and providing more resources to inspire the world.

I’m very excited about some family projects that we have upcoming.  I love my family.  Speaking of family, my wife recently completed her Doctorate!  It was a legitimate doctoral course and program with all of the trappings of the grueling defense, writing, and defending prospects. We’re all SO proud of her!  I’m honored every day that God has allowed me to lead my wife and children.  They all are so gifted, talented, and blessed.  Of course, for my wife and I, having multi-talented children makes our lives very hectic at times, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything.  I’ll be sharing about these projects more along the way.

Finally, I want to invite everyone to do 2 things:

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So, for right now, all that I’ll say is – Stay tuned!

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