The other day, I wrote about Finding Your Rhythm. You can go here for Part 1.

Today, I want to finish that thought and give you a few practical ways that you can find your rhythm.

grungy heart beatWhen you find your rhythm, others will take notice and it will be easy to identify your niche.  There are days where a particular fast food chain captures your taste buds.  You know where to meet that craving.  That restaurant has found their rhythm and that rhythm will cause people to drive for miles to get what they offer.  Do you remember when one of the famous fast-food burger chains attempted to sell pizzas?  It was a flop! They got out of their rhythm.  And made people wonder about them.  When they got back into rhythm, they re-established their credibility.  How do you find your rhythm?

The best thing for you to do is:

  1. Ask God what’s your life purpose.  Ask him to reveal the pieces of life’s puzzles to you on a daily basis.  He’s the one that designed you – his instrument.  He would be the one to know how you should flow.
  2. Make notes of your passions, issue cravings, and unique gifts.  Without anyone diagnosing you, you already know what your interests are.  Don’t run from it, regret it, or even attempt to replace it.  Use it as a reward and become faithful to it.
  3. Find small opportunities to cater to those life interests.  Every day that you develop your unique gifts, that’s everyday that you become closer to living a more fulfilled life – a life of rhythm.
  4. Seek out others that may be doing what you’re starting to do.  Don’t attempt to mimic everything you see them doing, but use their behaviors as principles for the kinds of possibilities that exist for you.
  5. Practice consistently.  The only way that a band becomes good and in synch with one another is quality, consistent practices.
  6. Listen to your life.  When you jump off the treadmill of life and listen to those times when your life was out of harmony and out of balance – let those times speak to you.  They will be speak loud and clear.  When you retrace your steps, you will find out where your dissent began.

Finally, Thomas Merton, said, “Happiness is not a matter of intensity but of balance, order, rhythm and harmony.”  If you really want to be fulfilled, satisfied, and ultimately, complete in life – find your rhythm.  Remember, finding your rhythm in life is ultimately dancing to an audience of one. You can glide, weave, bob, and shake.  But whatever you do – dance until your heart’s content.

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