All year long I am going to be interviewing leaders and industry influencers from various fields and walks of life.

These conversations will center around change, transition, and reinvention with a focus on my book, Temporary Assignments.

I so passionately want to share the message and wisdom with you that has taken me all of my life to learn and grow from.

One of the first interviews is with Mr. Phil Cooke, Author, Media Guru, Consultant, and Founder/CEO of Cooke Pictures. You can check him out HERE.

Quick Highlights from Conversation with Phil Cooke

  1. Christians need to be concerned about how we package our message.
  2. Surround yourself with people who are plugged into the culture.
  3. We must ask the right questions.
  4. People hate change (Listen to the video on a stat about open heart patients! WOW!)
  5. Cooke provides a few reasons why people aren’t advancing in their careers
  6. Write down wisdom that you hear
  7. Read!
  8. Cooke provides tips on investing in yourself
  9. He talks about Republicans and Democrats
  10. Cooke defines vision in a practical way (it’s not what you think!)
  11. Cooke talks about where we are with live streaming and social media for churches
  12. Cooke talks about the danger of a regular paycheck.
  13. He talks about succession a little…interesting approach!

You can also check out Phil’s books and resources HERE:

Thank you Phil for providing such great #WisdomForLife !!!

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