We have been doing a series of video interviews about change, transition and reinvention.  It’s a reality of life and a reality of people who are trying to make moves!

Especially as we’ve been touring my new book, Temporary Assignments, and people have been impacted by it – spiritually, professionally, personally, relationally, and emotionally, these videos are the icing on the cake! (By the way, if you haven’t picked up my book yet – you NEED to get it!)

This particular interview is with Mr. Orlando Haynes, a Career Development expert and author, who has been helping individuals for a number of years on multiple levels – interviewing skills, resumes, career path work, placement, etc.

I had the opportunity to sit down with him for a Two Part conversation and it was incredible and sooooo very practical.

Plus, you NEED to get his book, Inside Career Tips All Job Seekers Should Know. It’s awesome and worth the investment.

So, definitely watch the videos, and note some of the key takeaway’s from our conversation.

Key Take Aways (in no particular order):

  1. The notion of relevant experience
  2. Thoughts around competent skills
  3. Being obsolete professionally
  4. The power of mentors
  5. He said, “learning affects your earning…” WOW!
  6. How to market yourself as a “brand”
  7. The power of (The Book of) Proverbs in your career life
  8. He gave some examples of the crazy things people put on their resumes (you’ll have to hear these!)
  9. The importance of “content” and “substance”
  10. He told us how many SECONDS people look at your resume and cover letter as they make up their mind about whether to give you a second look
  11. The place for passion


Part 1 – Conversation with Orlando Haynes

Part 2 – Conversation with Orlando Haynes

Now…go and REINVENT!

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