Happy Wednesday Everybody!

Thank you all for your emails and comments so far.  The past two days, I have shared with you 67 things that I have learned over the past year of my life.

photodune-3180593-blackboard-todays-lesson-xsEvery year around my birthday, I pause to reflect and consider what’s happened in the past year.  On Monday, I shared with you the first of the 67 things.  You can read Part 1 here.  Then yesterday, I shared Part 2.  I’m having a blast sharing this with ya’ll.  I’m still growing!  At any rate, below is the final portion of the list – only 17 on this portion.  I hope you’re inspired by it in some way! Enjoy!

  1. If it’s important, write it down.
  2. It’s better to confess than admit.
  3. I have resolved that I am not a “texter”. There are some people who I know live by text messages. Folks, at times, have tried to make me feel bad about it. I tried it, didn’t like it. Accepted it.
  4. This word is VERY small.  I don’t believe that it’s 6 degrees anymore. I think it’s probably closer to like 2 or 3 degrees of separation.
  5. As driven as I am, I can really be lazy sometimes.
  6. I love to teach! It REALLY fires me up!
  7. Too many people are literally destroying their professional lives because they give “full vent” to their anger on social media. It’s not worth it.
  8. Although titles don’t make a person, they should be respected.  Even if you don’t necessarily respect the leader, you prove what kind of person you are by how you approach and address them. If your relationship with a person is a professional one, don’t ever let your guard down and think its okay to not address them in the context that you met them.
  9. Your thoughts are the only private thing you have.
  10. Don’t say everything you think. Don’t share everything you know.
  11. Chicago is a great city – with great people – with great FOOD!!!!
  12. I am becoming even more introverted as I get older.
  13. Failures are great learning opportunities and things you thought were opportunities to destroy you could actually be things to better define you.
  14. Naps can keep you from doing, thinking, or saying something that you’ll regret.
  15. You can do ANYTHING when you really set your mind to it.  The fear of what’s in front of you is what keeps you from doing what you need to do.
  16. Prioritizing family is important. And if its important, it must be scheduled.
  17. Life is too short to act on every idea.

What are your thoughts?  Leave a comment!

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